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Facility Management

Snap shot of the monthly task calendar in our Facility Management Software

Customer-Specific Solutions
  • Hard & Soft facility managements
  • Assign, Review & Monitor services
  • Automated access for maintenance
  • Accessibility round the clock
  • Enable crucial decision making

The emergence of Service Sector as the leading business force has presented an ocean of opportunities. The concept of outsourcing has almost revolutionised the service sector with more and more organisations evincing keen interest to entrust professional service providers with the responsibility of delivering and discharging key ancillary activities to ensure quality and timely delivery. Facility Management Services is one such sector which promises to be a leading business concept with the induction of qualified professionals and deployment of latest technology. Organisations are keen to employ resources to manage their hard as well as soft facilities which contribute to their operational efficiency and profitability.

AWATA Softsys, with a proven track record of delivering world-class software solutions for every sphere of business activity, takes immense pride in introducing its most diligent Facility Management Software System. The online application accessible from anywhere, anytime and from any device is the ideal solution for recording, tracking multiple facilities at multiple locations and also for a precise evaluation of service delivery in every sense.

The simple application allows organisations to add facilities and assets, create and earmark corresponding services unique to individual facilities and assets and monitors the delivery of individual services by the designated personnel. Keeping in view of the ever-expanding scope of FMS, AWATA Softsys has developed the application for enabling future scaleability and customisation.

Apart from an user-friendly interface, AWATA's Facility Management Services consist of a variety of reports to enable organisations get valuable insights about the actual performance and also for assisting decision making for future expansions etc. AWATA's FMS is the ideal solution for effective and efficient management of facilities and assets with the help of simple user interfaces.

If you are looking for an economical yet efficient application, try our Facility Management System at once.