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Online Sales Forecasting Software

Page view or chart showing the output of Sales Forecasting Software

Modern Business Managers continue to employ improvised techniques and methodologies for increasing profitability with lesser working capital. Business Forecasting Techniques have become quintessential for successful enterprises for employing adequate resources in time for deriving optimum returns from operations. Needless to say, an efficient forecasting methodology infuses more predictability and flexibility reducing wasteful expenditure thereby contributing to high Return On Investments.

Business Forecast is often a seamless process involving the entire business activities from Sales to Procurement. Awata Softsys, in its ongoing efforts for continuous improvement and in its pursuit of providing more value added services to its esteemed clients, has come up with a simple Business Forecast module. The BFM is an integral component of our already successful CRM module which will assist in earmarking sales targets for a future period allowing comparative studies as and when needed. The utmost user-friendly interface shall provide primary data for Business Forecast Studies and furnish the vital inputs for every department forming part of the business opearations.

As always, AWATA continues to stress upon useful reports and graphical representations for enabling quick decision making and utilising the working capital prudently. The Sales Forecast Function added to our current CRM enables Managers to set realistic targets to the personnel, provide ample insight about required procurements and intimate the tentative resource needs in various phases. Obviously, this feature serves as a Performance Manager and also can provide valuable information about Capacity Utilisation as well.

Try our simple yet versatile Business Forecast feature embedded in our CRM and reap the desired results.